Analyze your data Without employing a team of PHd's in-house

Descriptive statistics Get each of your variables' statistics

Time series analysis Visually examine your time series data

Segment your data theDataWhisperer® will create groups that share meaningful commonalities, allowing you to understand and compare each group. It will show you the most important relations between the fields of your data set for each group, will describe the groups based on which fields define it and the values of the defining fields. You can even export each group for further analysis

Who is Data Whisperer

We are a start up company with offices in Mexico City.

theDataWhisperer® is our data analytics platform, it is aimed at small to medium companies which need agile and accurate data analysis without the overhead in paperwork, human resources, and cost implied by standard data analytic solutions.

theDataWhisperer® has three main components that can be used independently or as interacting parts of complex analysis:

The Segmenter or Clusterer: Segments the data set into groups that share meaningful commonalities.

The Simulator: Creates prediction models based on its user’s insights and hypotheses and creates scenarios to help evaluate the impact of strategic decisions.

The Comparator: Extracts and presents the meaningful differences between two groups of data: between two football games, between two runners, between two client segments, two strategies.

We provide professional services to customize theDataWhisperer® to the individual needs of our customers.

Andrés Silberman

CEO and Co-founder

He has been CIO for the first internet bank in Mexico (IXE) and two credit card issuers (Spira and Globalcard). Andrés directed the technology team at Sm4rt Predictive Systems and currently serves as CEO for Data Whisperer.

Fernando Esponda

Chief Scientist and Co-founder

Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Masters in CS program at ITAM. Fernando has a post doctoral degree from Yale University and a PhD from the University of New Mexico. Fernando is well known for his research on the immune systems and negative databases. At Sm4rt Predictive Systems Fernando headed the research team and currently serves as Chief Scientist for Data Whisperer.

Alfonso Kim

CTO and Co-founder

Alfonso was responsible for the development of high availability-low latency applications at Trans Union Mexico. At Sm4rt Predictive Systems Alfonso designed and developed a credit card fraud detection system based on machine learning techniques with Fernando and Andrés. Currently Alfonso is a graduate student in computer science at ITAM and serves as CTO for Data Whisperer.

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